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Managing Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Compensation claims can be complicated at best. Mistakes or oversights can result in undue hardship on your employee, unnecessary expenses for you and unwanted legal issues for all parties. Even claims that are managed well can end up in court – and formal legal hearings are certainly large tasks for someone without any legal training or minimal claims management experience.

Here's the Solution

ECRM offers Third Party Administrator Services custom-tailored for your business by professionals with years of experience managing claims for state-funded and self-insured clients. We will work with you to configure solutions that are specifically designed for your business’ needs.

Let us help you with:
  • Full Service Claims Management: Whether you are an Ohio State Funded employer or a Self-Insured employer in any state, we take pride in saving you time and money. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art database, available 24 hours a day, PPO networks and tough prescription drug discount programs.
  • Hearing Representation: Whether you have one claim or several, we can work on a claim-by-claim basis providing professional hearing representation.
  • Rate Analysis: We can provide a detailed audit of your Bureau Rate Analysis or self-insured renewals.
  • Acquisition Evaluations: Thinking about acquiring a company? Interested in the risk exposures of your potential acquisition? We can provide a detailed analysis of the exposures, including the OSHA history and workers’ compensation exposures, together with reinsurance exposures, reserves, etc.
  • Self-Insured Pre-Audits: We offer detailed audits of self-insured workers’ compensation programs. Are you taking full advantage of fee schedules and discount programs? Are benefits paid properly and timely? An ECRM audit gives you the confidence to answer those questions with a resounding “Yes!”
  • TPA Internal Control Audits: We can provide detailed audits of your Third Party Administrator (TPA) self-insured workers’ compensation program to ensure your business is taking advantage of fee schedules and discount programs. You will never have to worry whether benefits are paid properly and in a timely manner. Ask yourself if appropriate programs are in place to ensure secure and confidential control of claims. If the answer is no, call East Coast Risk Management.
  • Unemployment Claims Management: Let us handle general claims management, assist with rate analysis and represent you at Unemployment Claims hearings.

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East Coast Risk Management offers comprehensive third party claims administration services with offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois and North Carolina.