Client Testimonials

At East Coast Risk Management, we exceed expectations.

A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At East Coast Risk Management, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

The Risk Management Division was able to help me differentiate my agency in a way I was unable to before. We can bring forward the resources of a large broker, but maintain our boutique, high touch service model.

Van RobinsRobins Insurance Agency

I really appreciate how much you've done for my company. Us small companies need to entertain all aspects of safety without placing a dollar amount on safety. You're entire staff is great, thanks again for all of the support.

Mark S. DudaDuda Cable Construction

Thank you guys for having such great service and response to our many needs. As a youngish agency owner without a HR background your services have been a God send to us and one of a couple main reasons why we joined Keystone Insurers Group! Keep up the fantastic work and huge props to Laura P. for her help with our handbook and Nancy Owen for taking my call! They are such huge assets to your team!

Lisa LemanskiMeiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance

The Risk Management Division has been managing our agencies claims since 2008. Our loss ratios have dropped considerably, and our profit sharing has increased to the point where it more than pays for the service. For any Agency considering the service, this is a “no-brainer.

Todd N. Roadman, CIC, CWCA, AFISReed Wertz and Roadman

Keystone Risk Mgt. and their team, lead by Aaron Black, does an outstanding job of listening to both the client’s & the agency’s needs when it comes to developing customized risk management plans for insured’s distressed auto fleets. Without KRM’s help, we would have never been able to place one of our struggling accounts with another standard market, saving the insured literally ten’s of thousands of dollars by avoiding the E&S Market. I’d highly recommend KRM to our partner’s and their clients.

Adam Murphy, CIC, CISR, CPIA, PrincipalHarbor Insurance Agency

East Coast Risk Management provides outstanding services from initial claim to closure for all parties involved. Their expertise in workers’ compensation and unemployment claims management is world class. We have found their service to be dependable, their performance to be exceptional, and their attention to detail to be fantastic.

William ZelnisCNX Resources Corporation

Having been a long time client of East Coast Risk Management, we can’t say enough about the quality of services they provide. Truly first class. After bringing East Coast on board, over just a 4 year period of time, they’ve managed to help us bring costs down so effectively it’s resulted in over $30,000 worth savings for our company! Their entire staff is great to work with. We appreciate all they do, from loss prevention to claims management, they are the best and we look forward to continuing to work with East Coast!

Donna ZelahyMasco Interiors Inc.

I just wanted to thank ECRM and the Human Resources team for being “at the ready” any time you are needed. We were dealing with a very serious subject one morning and needed immediate direction. Once again, the staff of East Coast Risk Management comes through as an invaluable resource. As a professional having ECRM on my side gives me the assurance I need whether it’s an ordinary day at the office or in a time of crisis.

Tonya FouseWick's Pies

Our company uses East Coast Management for a variety of FMCSA/DOT programs and services. Whether it’s conducting a DOT Compliance webinar or providing one-on-one consultation, the information provided by ECRM is always presented in a clear, professional, and timely manner.

It's a pleasure doing business with them!

Greg YonBin There Dump That

Your teams work with our client has been exceptional and they have really turned their ship around due to having ECRM in their corner.

Brad BrownSnipes Insurance Service, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for the seminar you provided. You did a fantastic job. It was extremely helpful and insightful as to what I need to do to stay compliant and above.

Cordel BowmanNexGen Industrial Services

I am very happy and thankful ECRM. You are ALWAYS on top of all of our claims, follow up visits, making sure cases are closed etc. I believe that you all are an extension of our company and have our best interest at heart always! I am grateful for our partnership. Thank you for all that you do for us.

Diane DavilaKabobs

Thank you for your well received presentation at the NSTA convention. I have been to many conventions and heard multiple speakers with regard to risk management. I must say your presentation was one of the best. Your delivery as well as including data of conference attendees was really creative. I fully expect the NSTA members to look to you for future advice and assistance. I look forward to partnering again.

Linda NeffKeystone

East Coast Risk Management's Department of Transportation services are excellent! They're always fast, knowledgeable and dependable... highly recommend!

Alicia SimmsWasco, Inc.

As always THANK YOU for always helping me!!

You go above and beyond and never make me feel silly answering my endless amount of questions! I know that anytime I need you… all I need to do is call, and I appreciate you more than you know.

The Arc is a very small non-profit, which means we all wear so many hats that it gets difficult to keep up with all the rules/laws regarding WC.

ECRM is a gem and thank you all for always being there to help me!!

Brenda FikeThe Arc of Fayette County

We developed a relationship with ECRM over 8 years ago. We thought we were being proactive and giving safety adequate attention until we were exposed to ECRM'S knowledge, expertise, and thoroughness in not only teaching but also promoting Safety and OSHA compliance.

Through our time working with them, they have been extremely helpful in successfully resolving our Workers Comp issues and recently have begun managing our DOT compliance requirements. Our relationship with ECRM has provided us with peace of mind knowing that we are now being truly proactive and compliant in all areas relating to safety.

Walt BrunnerTraffic Control & Engineering Co.

We are very satisfied with the overall HR Services provided by East Coast Risk Management. They are also very timely in their responses, and the information they provide is very easy to understand. We have been extremely pleased with their support.

Duane Vula, Director of Sales & MarketingThe Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Our experience with East Coast Management has been an excellent one. We have found their staff to be very supportive to our HR needs. They are always available to meet when needed. Their wealth of knowledge for HR related issues has been very helpful to our corporation and has provided us with a confidence that we are being compliant.

Roberta Caldwell, Payroll AdministratorThe Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association

Keystone Risk Mgt. and their team, lead by Aaron Black, does an outstanding job of listening to both the client’s & the agency’s needs when it comes to developing customized risk management plans for insured’s distressed auto fleets. Without KRM’s help, we would have never been able to place one of our struggling accounts with another standard market, saving the insured literally ten’s of thousands of dollars by avoiding the E&S Market. I’d highly recommend KRM to our partner’s and their clients.

Adam Murphy, CIC, CISR, CPIA, PrincipalHarbor Insurance Agency

Working with Michael Kuiros of East Coast Risk Management has been valuable. Mike takes the time to review our DOT processes to be sure we are compliant. He teaches, coaches and counsels everyone on our Team equally, no matter their role. Whenever we have a question, I am completely satisfied Mike will provide us with the way to the answer.

Stan Foster, Chief Operating OfficerSuperior Energy Resources, LLC

We signed on with East Coast Risk Management in 2019 to help with our workers comp claims. We have been more than happy with their attentiveness and quick response to any and all questions. From their Legal and HR department to their Claims handling team and Management, ECRM has been a great resource is navigating the impacts of the Covid-19 legislation. Recently, they were even able to subrogate a claim for an automobile accident that involved one of our employees and recoup 100% of the damages.

Mandy McQuaideA-Air Co

East Coast Risk Management takes all the hassle and questions out of workers compensation claims for the company and the employees. We could not be happier with our service!

Kimberly Anne Barone, Payroll SpecialistTaylor Made Deep Creek Vacations and Sales

The team at East Risk Management have been very helpful with helping us navigate the health and safety issues that arise while growing our company. Quick to respond and always knowledgeable about each question posed to them. Glad we have them in our corner.


East Coast Risk Management exceeds our expectations! Their in-depth knowledge of safety and ability to communicate with all levels of the organization has made a significant improvement of our safety program. Not only does management see the value in your resources but you also have the trust and buy in from our plant employees.

Dan OpieWabtec Corporation

When we set out to start our safety program, we only had a simple safety handbook in place. We thought we could implement the programs on our own, but it became clear that if we really wanted to make safety a priority and grow our business, we needed an expert to help us. Making the investment in ECRM’s safety consulting services was the best decision we could've ever made. Whatever we faced, we knew help was just a phone call away.

Our consultant, Don Blanchard, quickly because a member of the team. He helped with daily operations such as inspections, incident reviews, running safety committees, and updating our handbook. More importantly, he was essential when unforeseen events such as OSHA violations, a fatality and the global pandemic occurred. Don and his team at ECRM provided a superior level of service that far exceeded our expectations!

Managing a successful safety program can be pretty overwhelming... but when you add ECRM to your team, you gain a trusted safety advisor that makes safety practical and attainable!

Jonathan WilsonWilson Excavating & Grading Inc.

We had been pursuing a 65-unit trucking operation for several years and finally received the opportunity to meet with them to discuss insurance/needs. Initially it centered around work comp, but I transitioned to their fleet and presented their CAB report. They had been looking for a partner to guide them through DOT issues. After scheduling Mike Kuiros to sit down with them, the client called me, saying they emailed me the signed AOR. Mike’s knowledge around DOT related issues helped carry the deal across the finish line, giving them confidence that we were the RIGHT TEAM for the job.

Ryan SmithKingsgate Insurance, Iowa

We recently submitted a claim on a high value home. Property damage was caused by bat infestation in the attic space of a 14,000 square foot home. Our “core” carrier promptly sent a claims adjuster to inspect the claim. For the next six weeks the insurance company made no commitment to pay or deny the claim and they offered minimal communication. However the insurance company issued notice of cancellation falling about 8 weeks after we submitted the claim. The insured was in a difficult position with an unresolved claim and a mid-term cancellation. Laura Zaharris, VP of Keystone Claims Management was critical to solving our problem. Laura made several phone calls to the claims adjuster citing contract language and the urgency to resolve the claim. After weeks of delay the company agreed to pay the full repairs at nearly $70,000. Due to the size of the claim, the insured’s high deductible was also waived per the policy endorsement. With the claim approved and repairs underway we were able to place new insurance on the home with another company. Thanks Laura and the Keystone Team for your help!

Robert H. Beemer, PresidentCombined Insurance Agencies, Inc.