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For Real?!

By March 2, 2012July 23rd, 2018Uncategorized

With a couple hours left on this Friday afternoon; a shiny example of a For Real?! moment from the week.  Some details have been altered, however the subject matter and characteristics of the employee are 100% true.

A Company in Central, PA has taken notice of a mid-40’s male employee who had been exhibiting extreme personality shifts and swings for several weeks.  The unusual behaviors of the employee were chalked up to the divorce he was currently navigating.  He was counseled by the employer to seek out an effective resource to guide him through this emotional event; but the weeks passed and the behaviors worsened.  Due to the safety concerns relative to their working environment, the employer exercised their authority to compel a determination of whether this person was fit for duty – thus, in his present state, could he perform the job safely.  After a physical and both a urine and hair follicle drug test came back negative…the concerns increased.

Coincidentally, the Human Resource Manager’s hair stylist, brother’s cousin…or some similar rubric…had recently become addicted to a new substance with side effects or “highs” producing hallucinations, paranoia, suicidal thoughts and actions, agitation…and wait for it…psychotic episodes.  Sounds fun huh?!?  Seems the middle aged employee at the Company thought so…

If you haven’t yet guessed…the drug causing these so very desirable (yes, that’s sarcasm) effects was…BATH SALTS!  WHAT?!?

Consider This a Public Service Announcement

 Don’t Eliminate This Lab Produced Stimulant From Consideration When the Bizarro Behaviors are Originating in Someone Who is Over the Age of 15!