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It’s “What’s Up? Wednesday”. Time to answer your question about Employee Handbooks . . .

By November 21, 2012July 23rd, 2018Human Resources

You asked: “We are a small company (less than 30 employees). Do we really need an Employee Handbook? 

The answer:

According to the law? No. According to good common sense? Absolutely!

You will not find any state or federal laws requiring employers to provide Employee Handbooks. But you will find a number of labor and employment laws requiring employers to provide certain information to all employees. The handbook is a great avenue for getting that information to each employee. But that’s not the only benefit. Here are just a few of the other payoffs to having a good Employee Handbook:

  1. Improved employee relations: an informative handbook with an easy-to-read tone tells your employees that the company cares about them and wants them to succeed.
  2. Improved employee efficiency: employees who know what is expected of them and know where to go for answers to employment questions will spend a lot less company time tracking down answers from supervisors or HR staff.
  3. Legal protection for the company: Well-written policies that are compliant with the law, available to all employees and consistently followed will be an invaluable safeguard for the company.

If your company is without a handbook, or is ready for an update, give me a call. We would be happy to work with you to create the handbook that best meets your company’s needs.

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