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It’s “What’s Up? Wednesday”. Time to talk about Recruiting Tools . . .

By January 23, 2013July 23rd, 2018Human Resources

You asked:  We get a lot of questions from employers looking for tips and tools to help with the search and recruiting process. So, I thought the following information might be of interest . . .

The answer:

Have you discovered the latest tool from the state of Pennsylvania? It’s a new website, called PA Career Coach, developed to assist job seekers looking for employment within the state. But recruiters should check it out too.

The features on this new site make it especially helpful for those who may be exploring career and job options, like graduates new to the market or anyone considering a change of careers. It provides up-to-date local employment data such as current and projected job openings, recent job growth areas, estimated earnings and skills needed for any given occupation. This site also includes related educational programs in the job hunter’s local area.

Having all this information in one place has obvious benefits for job seekers. But recruiters can benefit, too. Learning average hourly wages and projections for growth in a particular field can prove helpful when creating budgets and planning for future growth within the company.

Better yet, PA Career Coach links job seekers to postings from one of our favorite on-line search engines, Like most employment-related search engines, Indeed brings together millions of job listings from web sites, newspapers, job boards, etc.  It allows job hunters to search listings according to keywords. And it allows recruiters to search a wealth of uploaded resumes, also using a variety of criteria. But one of the things we like best about Indeed is “pay-per-click” billing. Instead of paying hundreds for a 60-day listing, you only pay per click-through. That allows recruiters to set a daily or monthly budget which controls recruiting costs.

Those are just two handy helps to add to your recruiting toolbox. For more recruiting tips, or for help with other Human Resource issues, please send your questions to If you’d like email notification of all blog updates, just click the follow button at the bottom of the window.


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